About RCFS

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Why Does RCFS Exist?
Richland County First Steps to School Readiness is a charitable, tax-exempt (IRS Code 501(c)3) organization created through state legislation in June 1999.

“…a comprehensive, results-oriented initiative for improving early childhood development by providing, through county partnerships, public and private funds and support for high-quality early childhood development and education services for children by providing support for their families’ efforts toward enabling their children to reach school ready to learn.”

We work as a partnership with people, agencies, organizations, and institutions to achieve our mission: To enable families to assist their children to enter first grade healthy and ready to learn. Our focus is on children up to age 3 and their caregivers, including parents and child care providers, working to:

  • Increase Capacity with Parents, Guardians and Child Care Providers
    • To understand the importance of early childhood education and quality child care

  • Maximize Early Brain Development
    • The brain is not fully developed at birth; 85% of core brain development occurs before age four
    • Enriched environments are essential

  • Promote a Healthy Start
    • Prenatal/postnatal care
    • Medical home for every child
    • Assess and refer observed developmental delays

  • Adovacate the Importance of Play
    • Motor skill development
    • Social/emotional development
    • Lifelong healthy lifestyles
    • Limit passive play(TV, video games, computer time)

  • Establish Foundation of Literacy (Early Reading)
    • Increase vocabulary
    • Increase school readiness
    • Create lifelong learners and promote love for reading
    • Improve test scores (NAAP, PASS, End of Course, ACT, SAT)
    • Decrease dropout rates
  About RCFS