ExCEL Conference 2018

This brain is made for walkingThe annual ExCEL Conference will be held Saturday, February 24, 2018 in the Chavous Conference Center of Ridgewood Missionary Baptist Church, located at 5324 Ridgeway St, Columbia SC 29204. Directions

There will be an opening keynote presentation and two 90-minute breakout sessions, in which participants can choose from five different classes. All classes will be repeated in each 90-minute session. Pre-registration is required for all classes. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Keynote Address

Emotional Geography: What State Are You In?
Susan Kirby, Certified Conscious Discipline Trainer
The foundation for Conscious Discipline is understanding the Brain State Model.  Come listen, play and learn to recognize each brain state an adult, child or infant could be in at any moment.  Once you can recognize the State, you can utilize new tools specifically designed to respond to that State. In order to handle our own, a parent’s or a child’s behavior, we need to recognize what could be causing it. Come and find out!

Breakout Sessions

Harmonizing Cultural Diversity
Lydia Carnesale, Dual Language Specialist and Quality Coach, CCR&R
Professional Development
This workshop will help caregivers recognize the cultural and linguistic differences in young children so they are better equipped to develop effective strategies of relating to children of all backgrounds. When sensitive to a child’s and a family’s culture, much more progress is made for school readiness. Come see why!

Bringing Science into the Toddler/2s Classroom
Janet Bates, Master Trainer
This class will focus on bringing the S in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into the Toddler and 2s classroom, though the activities can be “upgraded” for 3s and 4s as well. Making the wonder of science and nature a part of everyday life helps children realize they are scientists!

Was It Something I Said?
Susan Kirby , Certified Conscious Discipline Trainer
Child Guidance
So often it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it that determines whether or not we have clearly communicated our thoughts.  Learn about the differences between our tone, person and words so you may embrace the Skill of Assertiveness.

Why Does Brain Development Matter? I Just Want to Teach!
Marcia Bacon, RCFS ExCEL Staff, Master Trainer
Growth and Develpoment
Understanding the development of the brain helps so much when caring for and teaching children. When we understand the development of children’s needs, relationships, and what makes everything turn upside down – we are much better prepared and able to give each child the love and care they need to grow and learn.

Facilitating Early Learning: Helping Infants and Toddlers Learn
Tracy Pederson, RCFS ExCEL Staff, Certified Trainer
It’s a different ball game when working with infants and toddlers when it comes to learning. Come and discover how to plan and facilitate experiences that help infants learn and grow. (For teachers of children 0-2)


8:00 – 8:25 AM | Registration and Breakfast Snack
8:30 – 10:00 AM | Keynote
10:15 -11:45 AM | First 1.5-hour breakout session
11:45 – 12:15 PM | Lunch
12:15 – 1:45 PM | Second 1.5-hour breakout session


Registration is now closed for this event
RCFS ExCEL Enhancement Team: center staff FREE
RCFS ExCEL Director’s Team: center staff: $25 per person
All other child care providers: $30 per person

If you need additional information about the registration process, please contact our Training Coordinator for assistance.

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