Take the Quiz: Car Safety in Summer

Each summer we hear the terrible stories in the news about children dying because they were left unattended in a hot vehicle. It is a tragedy that knows no racial, social, or educational boundaries. This month’s health quiz looks at some of the risks and how you can avoid them.

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What You Can Do About It

Many deaths occur during transition times because the person dropping off a child forgets the child is in the backseat. Some ways you can help prevent this from happening:

  • Ask the person dropping off your child to call you as soon as the drop off is complete
  • Ask your child’s teacher to call you if your child is not dropped off at their usual time
  • If you are driving your child, place something important near their carseat to help remind you, such as your cell phone, purse, or wallet

Take the pledge
RayRay’s Pledge is an agreement between parents and teachers that can help avoid making the mistake of forgetting to drop off a small child to their child care provider. When you and your child’s teacher both take the pledge you agree that you will call your child’s teacher if your child will be late or absent, and the teacher agrees that they will contact you immediately if your child does not arrive at their usual time.

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